5G Mobility Lab
5G Mobility Lab

5G Mobility Lab - The future of driving

The 5G Mobility Lab combines the latest mobile radio technology with varied track elements to create a mobility and test environment of a special kind for you. With our cooperation partner, the Aldenhoven Testing Center, we cordially invite you to experience the future of driving and work together with us.

Our mission is to translate this proven asset of unrivaled knowledge and competence in the IoT field into the future of fully automated and connected driving.

Hannes Ametsreiter

CEO Vodafone Germany

"The future of driving"

In cooperation with the Aldenhoven Testing Center, Vodafone is already testing the future of connected mobility. Learn more about the unique opportunity to test and develop your networked mobility solutions in an open ecosystem.

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How to benefit from the 5G Mobility Lab How to benefit from the 5G Mobility Lab

How to benefit from the 5G Mobility Lab

  • You can test the interaction of your automotive solutions with a heterogeneous test network in challenging mobility scenarios.
  • You can use state-of-the-art mobile technologies - even before they are available in the live network.
  • Parallel to our test network, you can also test in our live network - under realistic network conditions.
  • You drive on a unique automotive research, development and testing site. You experience the future of driving with us.

The future of driving - already possible today

Zukunft des Fahrens

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  • The crossing of the future

    Cars will look around the corner and even see what is invisible to the driver - for example, the intersecting, covert traffic from the right. This avoids accidents and optimises the traffic flow. Even pedestrians who suddenly approach between parked cars and cross the road are often visible to motorists far too late. With mobile technology, cars will know at an early stage when a pedestrian hidden behind a parked car approaches the street. Thanks to this information, the car brakes automatically and has already stopped when the pedestrian runs on the street.

    Every second counts when ambulances with seriously injured people are on their way to the hospital. Especially important is the right of way for emergency vehicles. With mobile radio, the blue light is almost superfluous. Because ambulances also communicate with traffic lights. These switch to "green wave" for the rescue vehicles and to red for the cross traffic. These scenarios are to be tested here with the LTE V2X technology.

  • The highway of the future

    Trucks on the road block the view to the front by their sheer size and make overtaking dangerous. But with mobile technology, cars can see through even large trucks in the future. The "See Through"-technology transmits the live image of a camera from the cab of the truck in real time into the cockpit of the car behind it. The driver knows exactly when he can overtake.

  • The hilltop of the future

    Slopes and hills are scenic, but dangerous for road users. If cars drive unchecked over hilltops and behind them an object on the road, it can quickly lead to the accident. Because the driver only sees the danger at the last moment. With "LTE Broadcast", all road users get a bird's eye view of the entire event in time. With mobile technology, the live image of a camera - which is attached, for example, to a drone or to street lights - is transmitted directly to all vehicles. So all motorists also know what is going on behind the hilltop.



Future of driving

Your possibilities in the 5G Mobility Lab

Whether V2X solutions or telematics services: Test your solutions in a fully networked and configurable test environment of transport infrastructure and communication.

Your possibilities in the 5G Mobility Lab
Your possibilities in the 5G Mobility Lab

Whether telematics services or V2X solutions: Test your solutions in a fully networked & configurable test environment from traffic infrastructure and communication.

  • Live network with GSM, UMTS and LTE 800.
  • Small cell mobile field of the latest LTE Advanced technology
  • 10 Gbps broadband connection, suitable for connecting to your own cloud solutions
  • Real-time and Car2X applications via Mobile Edge Computing and LTE-V2X
  • Reproducible mobility scenarios with LTE-2X and LTE Broadcast (eMBMS)
  • Different frequencies and mobile radio codes for roaming scenarios.

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