The Best Way to Start up Your Business

Are you ready to reshape the world of telecommunications with your start-up? Then we at the Vodafone Start-up Power Team are more than ready to support you in the realisation of your ideas – no matter whether it concerns development or commercialisation.

Our work is exclusively focused on start-ups. We constantly screen the market and scout for new trends and innovative product ideas. We are your first point of contact to get in touch with all the Vodafone business units relevant for your start-up. We support you all along the way.

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Breakthrough Award

Apply now for the breakthrough 2017 award powered by connect & Vodafone.

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  • Vodafone at the Pioneers Festival
  • Our Mentoring Sessions
  • Vodafone at the Pioneers Festival

    The Pioneers Festival is one of the events where start-ups can meet us. We love getting into inspiring conversations and creating a seeding ground for ideas.

  • Our Mentoring Sessions

    Mentoring sessions are one way we can support you. Listen to what others say about it.

We support you We support you

We Support You

Your business idea deserves a special partner. A partner like Vodafone. One of the leading telecommunication providers worldwide. We constantly aim at challenging the status quo and changing the game. At Vodafone, you´ll find the perfect environment to do so.

  • Our vision
  • Our mission
  • Meet the team
  • Our Vision
    Our Vision
    Our Vision

    True to our origins, Vodafone is always committed to deliver useful and inspiring innovations.

    We are a brand that loves change – if it's not happening naturally then we're creating it ourselves. It's in our DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. That's the lifeblood that runs throughout Vodafone. We are driven to empower people.

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission
    Our Mission

    Our mission is to develop win-win situations! We have the long-term success of the cooperation as well as the interests of our partners in focus.

    The Start-up Power Team is a central component of Vodafone's Innovation Strategy and an expression of our commitment to partnership. We aim at combining the strengths in order to realize an innovative product or service and turn it into a mutual success.

  • Meet the Team
    Meet the Team
    Meet the Team

    We are interested in getting to know you. Please find below some save the dates: when & where you can meet us.

    Bitkom Innovation Cube, 15.09.16 in Berlin, more information here
    CODE_n new.New Festival, 20-22.9.16 in Karlsruhe, more information here
    VF Innovation Days, 26./27.10.16 in Düsseldorf
    HighTech Venture Days 18./19.10.16 in Dresden, more information here
    French Tech Days, 24.11.16 in Düsseldorf, more information here

Apply Now Apply Now

Apply now!

Your start-up has to do with the digital industry? It has reached at least the seed, start-up or growth phase and has already developed a working prototype? Then we would be more than happy to find out more about your business idea. Just provide us with all the relevant information.

Process & next steps Process & next steps

Process & next Steps

We see ourselves as partners. The WE is at the forefront to combine our strengths and to realize an innovative product or service. If we believe that together, we will form a winning team, we will invite you for a first get-together and pitch session.

Further Information

The best way to start up Your Business
If you have developed a Start-up that has to do with the digital industry, Vodafone is happy to support you. As Communication is our passion, we are always looking for useful and innovative start-ups. We are driven by this Curiosity about Technologies that help create a better future.

That is why we created the Vodafone Start-up Power Team. As a central component of our Innovation Strategy, they offer business advice and Know-how from over 30 years of experience. If your Start-up has already developed a prototype, you are able to test it at our Innovation Park Labs, one of the leading test facilities for Telecommunication innovations worldwide. There, your ideas can be tested under real-life conditions, as we offer a capacity and equipment used in real technological networks.

Vodafone Start-up support for Digital Industries
We see ourselves as Partners. You, on the one hand, have got a great idea, we, on the other, can offer a huge Network in different Service Sectors. Let's combine our Strengths and create a win-win Situation with a long-term Success. We want to help you realize your Innovative Product or Service and turn your Start-up into a Profitable Business. By becoming a part of Vodafone's Innovation Ecosystem, we'll introduce your Solutions to our Affiliates so you can get started. Just provide us with all the relevant Information and apply for Vodafone's Start-up Support! We are looking forward to find out more about your Start-up in the Seed, Start-up or Growth Phase.