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The magazine about digital pioneers #15
A breath of fresh air for SMEs

Greater efficiency through transparency – thanks to the IoT



A breath of fresh air for SMEs

Business Cases

The growth of the Internet of Things is unstoppable. Today, billions of machines are already interconnected worldwide. To benefit from the advantages of this technology, small and medium-sized companies in Germany need smart, affordable solutions that can be quickly implemented. We present one such solution in this edition of Business Cases.  


To exploit the full potential of digitalisation, SMEs need access to digital, networked and affordable technologies. Alexander Saul, Managing Director of Vodafone Business, explains here how that can work.

In a word

Can a traditional company with a century-old history become a digital pioneer? As the example of ALMiG shows: yes, it definitely can. A conversation about compressors, the opportunities digitalisation presents and the challenges it poses to SMEs.

In a picture

How to easily digitalise your industrial devices using Plug and Play? With Modbus Cloud Connect. In our gallery, we show how the compressed air system manufacturer ALMiG integrates the all-in-one IoT solution into its compressors.

Success Story

Across sectors, the intelligent networking of machines and products offers companies greater transparency and efficiency. The compressor manufacturer ALMiG shows just how easy an IoT upgrade with Modbus Cloud Connect can be.

In a nutshell

Modbus Cloud Connect gives SMEs a stake in the opportunities presented by digitalisation. Our animated graphic shows how the technology works and how easy it is to make machines smart with Plug and Play.

On film

In our video, experience digitalisation up close and see how the SME ALMiG is making its products more sustainable and efficient with Modbus Cloud Connect.


The Internet of Things presents a wealth of opportunities – and wide-ranging technologies. Whether it be NB-IoT, Modbus RTU, LPWA or MQTT, we provide clarity.

To the point

Automatische Luftpumpen – Made in Germany. ALMiG is all about automatic air pumps. The company is one of the leading system providers for compressed air technology. Its product range encompasses custom-tailored systems of all kinds that are used in countless industries.

Compressed air systems
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Köngen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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