Being a central component of Vodafone's Innovation Strategy, the Start-up Power Team takes care of new collaborations with start-ups and is the single point of contact for the entire start-up community.

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Your next steps
Initial Contact Initial Contact

Initial Contact

  • Via Partners
  • Via start-up Events
  • Via Homepage/E-Mail
  • Active SUP Team Approach

Strategic Fit

  • Evaluating strategic fit
  • Defining focus industry
  • Introducing to VF department
Initiation Initiation


  • 1st meetings of VF & start-up
  • If needed: VF Innovation Park Labs
  • Connection to business unit
  • Planning a pilot
Implementation Implementation


  • Execution of pilot
  • Pilot feedback / evaluation
  • Commercial roll-out

We see ourselves as partners. The WE is at the forefront to combine our strengths and to realize an innovative product or service. If we believe that together, we will form a winning team, we will invite you for a first get-together and Pitch session.

Depending on the requirements, we will set up a plan how to proceed and work closely together on the success of our start-up. Please don't hesitate to contact us any time in case you have questions or desire further information. We are please to inform and help you as needed –and of course, every application is treated strictly confidential.

Further Information

Could Your Start-up idea reshape the World of Telecommunication?
Communication is our Passion. As we constantly screen the Market and scout for new Trends, we are interested in realizing innovative Start-up Ideas. That is why we initiated the Vodafone Start-up Power Team.

If you are interested in starting a business, and have already taken initial Steps accordingly, we are looking forward to helping you make your Idea successful. As your Project has reached at least the Seed, Start-up or Growth Phase, we are happy to commit the four Steps that form a winning Team together. Let us combine our Strengths and create a win-win Situation with a long-term Success. We'll set up a Plan on how to proceed and we will work closely together on the Success of our Start-up. We are looking forward to receiving your Application.

Vodafone Start-up Support: The Journey to Success
As Vodafone belongs to the Market Leaders of Telecommunication, we can draw on a huge Network of potential Clients for your Product or Service. This provides an excellent Gateway for further Actions. In the first Phase, Initial Contacts will be made actively via Partners or Events, further through a well-made Website. Secondly, your Strategic Fit will be evaluated with a Focus on the respective Industry. The results will then be introduced to the Vodafone Department. Once your Start-up has successfully completed the strategical Phase, things are getting serious. We'll welcome you to the first Meetings to be hold together and you'll be given the Chance to use the Innovation Park Labs to develop or test your Start-up's Prototype. In the Initiation Phase we will be planning a Pilot that will eventually be executed. Finally, the commercial roll-out will be implemented. Throughout the process, we see ourselves as Partners who combine their Strengths to realize an innovative Product or Service. Let's push forward and create a better future!