Make the right decisions directly
Make the right decisions directly
Make the right decisions directly

Sharerado - our success story

Our innovation programme provides unique solutions for product and business model innovations - including for the Sharerado white-label sharing platform.

It began with an idea in the Vodafone Open Innovation Programme. From that, in an inspiring project we jointly developed a start-up with which we are in the meantime extremely successful in the market.

Lison Weiler

CEO Sharerado

  • Sharerado - The sharing economy made easy

    The company
    With digital technology a new era of sharing is possible: Whether it be a case of jobs, cars, small appliances or parking spaces - the market for sharing will grow dramatically in the future. The start-up company Sharerado offers a fast and simple way of participating in this market, easily and safely. In this way, other companies can write a success story, flexibly and practically risk-free, with their own sharing business models.

  • The cooperation

    Some companies have ingenious technical solutions, but: They lack the vital ideas for making money from them. Then there are the concepts of other sectors: Companies also would like to use these in a modified form for their own business purposes. Other companies use new approaches for their customers - but aren't familiar with the technologies. They also can't assess the potential impacts on their own business development. Similarly, a ready-made business solution can be the objective for getting started quickly. Together we looked for answers.

  • The solution

    The answers to all of these questions are provided by the Vodafone Innovation Park: with its Open Innovation Programme and the Development Clusters. In Cross-Industry Innovation Camps the vital ideas are then developed: for new business models and the necessary partners and technology. Our professional and experienced coaches assist in the creation of the first business plans and prototypes. This is also how the innovative start-up "Sharerado" was created following an extensive development cluster. Sharerado plans to set new standards in the sharing economy - with innovative solutions.

  • The outlook

    The Vodafone Innovation Programme provides an innovative solution for product and business models. In a very short time we recognise innovative approaches. We implement these in the first prototype. This prototype can already be presented to potential customers and stakeholders. With the cross-industry approach, participants form a partner network. In this way, all product and business ideas have a lot of potential for becoming a successful new business.

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