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EVUM Motors
Sustainable connectivity

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EVUM Motors

Sustainable connectivity

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EVUM Motors

A research project at the TU Munich aimed to create a commercial vehicle to combine two goals: maximum economical and ecological efficiency. The result achieved these objectives and is now known as the aCar. The EVUM Motors start-up is now taking the next step, using its aCar to show how electromobility can become more efficient and sustainable thanks to IoT and digital fleet management.


In recent years, digital fleet management has been steadily gaining in importance, and now makes a key contribution to the mobility transition. But how is it possible to ensure that this remains sustainable and simple?

In a word

Why is digitalisation the right step for EVUM Motors to take towards increased sustainability, and what can other companies learn from this? Mechanical engineer Sascha Koberstaedt provides the answers, as well as some valuable tips.

In a nutshell

Real-time data wherever and whenever required, preventive maintenance with vehicle diagnosis and GPS data, as well as the highest possible levels of data security and personal privacy: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics provides it all.

In a picture

Are time and financial constraints currently preventing your company from switching to electromobility? The EVSA tool from Vodafone provides all the data analyses you require to smoothly convert your fleet to electric vehicles.

Success Story

The electric drive and the simple yet robust construction make the aCar from EVUM Motors a versatile assistant in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. Die Telematik-Anbindung des E-Nutzfahrzeugs realisiert EVUM Motors mit Vodafone.

On new paths

Real-time feedback on driving behaviour, detailed vehicle analyses and predictive maintenance: telematics systems represent the core of modern fleet management. They boast plenty of functions and services – as well as benefits for your company.

Into the future

Thanks to telematics, one of the key changes in the mobility sector takes place outside the vehicles. Active fleet management simply represents a first step into the future. We show what technology can already do and what it will achieve tomorrow.

To the point

EVUM Motors was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from a research project at the Technical University of Munich. Constructed for simplicity and robustness, the aCar was originally conceived as an all-purpose vehicle for developing countries and emerging markets but is now proving to be an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for a range of tasks in Europe.

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