Alexander Saul vor roten Lichtern
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The digital avant-garde

A digital event of superlatives with renowned speakers from all over the world, deep dive sessions, countless participants and three days of non-stop events: the Vodafone eleVation Digital Days!

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Inspiring, bold, visionary – these are the words that, looking back, I now use to describe our first major all-digital event. Our thinking behind and for the eleVation Digital Days was to establish a new kind of event. A place to exchange ideas, impulses and visions on the topics that are close to our hearts, with guests and speakers from all over the world. Digitalisation, new work and the new digital economic culture should be given the appropriate stage.

The fact that we were able to realise our vision at the highest level and with success in the midst of a pandemic, with over 15,000 registered guests, more than 3,000 participants in the deep dive sessions and over 150,000 hours of video content consumed, is ultimately down to the technologies that form the core of our mission as a company. The networking of people, things – and yes, even animals and plants – releases potential and enables cooperation and economic success under even the most adverse conditions. Along with the inexhaustible human entrepreneurial spirit, modern communication technologies are essential as we strive to secure our future.

This special issue of our magazine which, in view of the unique circumstances of its creation and implementation could itself be regarded as "proof of concept" of digitalisation, contains a selection of arguments that support this thesis. Yet it is only a small excerpt of over 70 hours of live streams and three days of programme.

It starts with a brief look behind the scenes at eleVation, where our colleague Martin Grabowski, Director Marketing & Products Business, explains how an event of this magnitude can be implemented entirely while working from home. We continue with our thematic sessions, starting with the term "New Normal". In our detailed feature, renowned speakers such as the former Obama advisor Peter Henry and marketing pioneer Scott Galloway have their say and discuss the consequences of the pandemic for society and the economy.

Watch the video with our Property Director Thierry Tournassat on the topic of "New Work" or be inspired by our picture gallery on the visionary topic of quantum computing. Are you interested in the key topic of sustainability or the groundbreaking ideas of digitalisation pioneer Verena Pausder? Then the "Digital Society" section is the place for you. And if you want to be inspired by the economic opportunities of "New Industry", then we recommend our detailed report on that topic in which the famous platform expert Holger Schmidt is among several experts who explain what the German economy can do better. And finally, don't forget to listen to our podcasts with the eleVation speakers!

As you can see, the topics reflect the tremendous diversity at eleVation. The contents of this magazine are little more than a very personal "best of", but they will hopefully make you want more. You will find many more exciting keynotes on the eleVation website in the video-on-demand area. And perhaps you would even like to attend the next edition live yourself – eleVation 2022 is already being planned!

Happy reading!
Yours, Alexander Saul