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Keeping energy costs in check – thanks to IoT

How digital energy management can reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint



Keeping energy costs in check – thanks to IoT

Business Cases

Energy has always been a valuable commodity. But the war in Ukraine has hugely magnified the need for the targeted use of electricity and heat. The case of the automotive supplier Magna shows how digital energy management solutions can offer a way out of the current energy crisis – while also boosting sustainability for the long term


Rising energy costs threaten to put industrial companies out of business. Alexander Saul, Managing Director of Vodafone Business, explains how digitalisation can avert this danger.

Five Tips

Soaring energy costs threaten to put more and more companies out of business. Yet there are many ways to reduce energy consumption and therefore also costs. We present five.

Success Story

Looking to reduce costs and enhance sustainability by making your energy consumption transparent? You can – with the end-to-end IoT solution from Vodafone Business. Find out how automotive supplier Magna is profiting from it.

In a nutshell

What exactly is digital energy management and what does the Internet of Things have to do with it? Taking the example of the automotive supplier Magna, we show you how this technology works.

In a word

Why digital energy management is a smart move for any company, and what to bear in mind when putting it into practice – as outlined by Stefan M. Büttner, Director of Global Strategy & Impact at the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP).

To the point

Magna is a leading global automotive supplier, with 345 production facilities around the world and 90 development and distribution sites in 28 countries.

Automotive industry
about 170.000
32,65 bn Dollar
Vodafone solution
IoT end-to-end solution, mobile communications network
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