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Green New Industry

Smarter, more efficient, more sustainable

The climate crisis is presenting society and businesses with far-reaching changes – and the effects are already being clearly felt. However, the greatest challenges are yet to come.

Martin Grabowski

Martin Grabowski, Director Marketing & Products at Vodafone Business.

As the market changes, so do the benchmarks used to measure success: The recipe for tomorrow’s success is not higher, faster, further, but smarter, more efficient, more sustainable. Only those companies that are already making the necessary changes today will be able to secure a place in the markets of tomorrow. Climate protection and competitiveness go hand in glove in the long term.

We need to conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions and innovative technologies and smart solutions are called for in order to do so. However, state-of-the-art digital systems are not only more efficient and reduce carbon emissions, they have a number of other advantages as well. The range of applications for smart digital technologies is huge. Whether in manufacturing, agriculture, mobility, retail, transport or healthcare – IoT applications for a smarter and greener future are already omnipresent.

Martin Grabowski, Director Marketing & Products at Vodafone Business, sums up the challenge for companies: “The digital revolution needs to be embraced and at the same time all processes need to be reviewed in terms of sustainability and efficiency. However, the first of these must not be allowed to exclude the second – we need to tackle both of these challenges at the same time. That is the only way we can also take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the necessary transformation.” Here he presents some of his flagship projects.


Fleet management
Infografik Flottenmanagement

Vodafone helps businesses to implement smart fleet management. The solution offers:

  • Real-time data, i.e. information on journeys, speeds and routes that is available around the clock and from any location.
  • Comprehensive details: complete route history, including reservation times and stopovers.
  • Preventive maintenance via vehicle diagnosis and GPS data.
  • Greater safety: improved driving behaviour and therefore lower insurance premiums.
  • Data security and privacy: encrypted data transmission including full compliance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Flexible data access: fleet management web portal and mobile driver app with enhanced reporting features and personalised reports.
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Transportation – EVUM

When it comes to cutting carbon emissions in everyday life, one topic comes up sooner or later in most discussions: the electric car. As a supposedly impractical urban vehicle, the technology was long dismissed as a niche product. In the meantime, however, the Model 3 of Tesla’s all-electric car fleet is ranked number one for new registrations in Europe; the combustion engine no longer has a future on the roads in the medium term.

However, this electric mode of transport is not only becoming increasingly popular among private users. Whether in agriculture, last-mile logistics or even for municipal use, innovative manufacturers are increasingly turning to electrification. One of these innovative carmakers is EVUM. With their product, the aCar, the team at EVUM have developed an electric commercial vehicle with an all-wheel drive system that not only reduces carbon emissions via the motor, but also significantly improves fleet management by using the telematics solution from Vodafone Automotive.

The modular solution helps businesses collect large amounts of real-time data from drivers in a variety of vehicles, locations and driving conditions. For example, data analysis makes it possible to optimise routes in order to avoid traffic congestion or additional trips, in turn helping to cut carbon emissions quite significantly.


Smart Parking
Infografik Smart Parking

Smart Parking enables cities and municipalities, companies and operators of public or private parking areas to manage their spaces more easily and use them more efficiently. The advantages at a glance:

  • Fast, simple installation – can be used to manage all spaces in multi-storey car parks or outdoor areas without any problems
  • Navigation to free parking spaces – seamlessly and in real time
  • Reduces traffic and emissions 
  • Efficient management – fully automated recognition
  • Real-time occupancy level monitoring
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Transportation – Park & Control

Not only the type of drive system, but also the number of vehicles on the roads has a major impact on carbon emissions, especially in towns and cities. The reason for this is the parking situation. According to a study (Quelle wird ergänzt/verlinkt), Smart Parking technologies could help reduce carbon emissions in urban passenger car traffic by up to 50% by the year 2030. 

This is exactly where Park & Control’s connected parking space management technology comes in. Using the tailor-made technical solutions from Vodafone Business, Park & Control can record and precisely analyse the utilisation of more than 25,000 connected parking spaces at any given time. In addition to specialised hardware, the smart, sensor-based parking management system utilises a cloud-based IoT solution from Vodafone. The real-time information helps to avoid unnecessary searches for parking spaces and optimises the use of resources – such as inspection staff. 


Kraftfahrzeug aus dem Feld

Whether rural or urban: IoT solutions can be used in a variety of ways.

Kraftfahrzeug aus dem Feld

Whether rural or urban: IoT solutions can be used in a variety of ways.

Smart Parking
Smart Parking
Narrowband IoT
Infografik Narrowband IoT

Narrowband IoT makes it possible to connect several hundred thousand devices with one another – via a single radio cell. The advantages of the technology at a glance:

  • Improved reach and penetration of buildings
  • Long battery life of up to 10 years due to minimal energy consumption
  • Cost-efficient implementation due to low component costs
  • Good network coverage in critical environments (e.g. basements or remote regions)
  • Best possible data transmission security due to end-to-end encryption
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Energy sector – Techem

Huge amounts of energy can and must be saved in buildings – and the crucial keyword here is “efficiency”. The company Techem provides support when it comes to boosting energy efficiency.

Techem is a globally leading provider of energy billing and energy management for real estate. Techem is the market leader in remote sensing of energy consumption in homes and commercial premises, driving forward connectivity and digital processes in real estate. The days when analogue meters had to be read regularly by staff are long gone; narrowband IoT enables consumption readings to be transmitted both easily and efficiently. The signal even penetrates the particularly solid walls of buildings, which decreases energy usage and boosts efficiency, not only saving costs, but reducing carbon emissions at the same time. 

In fact, Techem reduces carbon emissions by the proud sum of 8.7 million tonnes per year through digitalisation. Furthermore, the technology allows data to be centralised, revealing patterns that directly identify potential ways of saving energy. Techem is thus helping to make living and working more convenient, more efficient and, above all, more sustainable through digitalisation.

Energy management
Infografik Narrowband IoT

IoT energy management is done with the help of smart sensors that record information in real time. The advantages at a glance: 

  • Transparent overview of energy usage in all connected systems
  • Comprehensive analyses, consumption and cost breakdowns with the help of a concise dashboard
  • Secure, reliable end-to-end solution based on the Vodafone IoT network
  • Low investment costs
  • Minimal expense for locally based IT departments
  • Scalable solution
  • Verifiable reductions in consumption and process optimisations
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Production – Magna

The consistent monitoring of consumption data not only helps to identify potential savings at home and in offices. Particularly in energy-intensive businesses, a great deal can be optimised by means of monitoring. Smart energy management based on Vodafone Business’ IoT technology enables the automotive supplier Magna to operate more cost-efficiently, make all its energy consumption transparent and produce in a more sustainable manner. The tailor-made solution provides Magna with an overview of the consumption of all connected systems – right down to individual machines and products. The clear, intuitive dashboard provides Magna with comprehensive analyses as well as detailed consumption and cost breakdowns.

“The energy management implemented with the help of Vodafone provides us with transparency regarding consumption. Improvements are not possible without access to detailed data. Experience to date shows that a savings potential of 5 to 10% in relation to the annual consumption of a given location are achievable through consistent monitoring,” says Markus Binder, Energy Manager Europe at Magna.


Climate change is probably the greatest challenge that mankind has had to face in its entire history. We need to act – right now.
All these innovative reference customer examples show how resources and the environment can be conserved simply and measurably by means of digitalisation, thus making business not only more efficient and sustainable, but more successful, too. IoT and cloud solutions make it simple to automate processes. This is the key to a long-term competitive business that can also hold its own in a volatile market.


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