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We support great teams with innovative technologies and global ambitions – we help you connecting your idea with the world.

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Develop & test your product at our Innovation Park Labs

Technical Partnership

With over 1000 test projects each year, the Vodafone Innovation Park Labs are one of the leading test facilities for telecommunication innovations worldwide. More than 300 experts from the widest range of technological fields represent a unique pool of digital communication know-how. To improve your innovations, we offer you to use your prototypes within real technological networks. The labs' environment capacity and equipment level is equivalent to being able to run the entire mobile network of a country like Switzerland.

Receive market research & customer insights

Commercial Development

What do your future customers think about your product or service? Let's find out! We will help you to identify the right customer segment for your market research, in order to get the best possible customer insights. Each problem that is identified at an early stage of testing reduces the lead time of your innovation projects, meaning that your products and services reach the market sooner.

Get access to a huge customer base

Distribution Partnership

We´ll help you with your next big step – with Vodafone as a partner you´ve got the chance to scale your business. We´ll support you in entering markets. In Germany, you will get access to a large, established distribution network of more than 200 fully-owned shops and 1100 partner agencies, a successful online store and a wide enterprise network. We will thus give you the opportunity to access our customer base – both enterprises and consumers.

Receive insightful mentoring


Apart from giving you the possibility to test your ideas at our Innovation Park Labs and among our customers, we can help you to develop innovative concepts for products and services. By partnering up with us, you get access to 30 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, combined with the immense knowledge of inspirational experts, who will help you lead your business model to success. Our specialists can provide explicit mentoring of the product units that still need improvement – no matter whether it's marketing/positioning, product features, design, or usability.

Become a partner of our innovation ecosystem


Building on our strengths and our network, we will help you to develop innovations, together with partners from all sectors of the economy as well as from science and research. By partnering up with us, you become part of our innovation ecosystem – a worldwide network of companies, research departments, scientists and technology experts. We'll introduce your solutions to our network, the public and the private sector, thus opening the doors to new markets.

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Your start-up has to do with the digital industry? It has reached at least the seed, start-up or growth phase and has already developed a working prototype? Then we would be more than happy to find out more about your business idea. Just provide us with all the relevant information.

Further Information

Got a great Start-up Idea? Vodafone supports you!
Your Start-up Business is going well in the Seed, Start-up or Growth Phase, now you want to get going and work it out under real-life conditions? Vodafone helps you connecting your Ideas with the World.

We support great Teams with innovative Technologies and global Ambitions in terms of Technology, Commercial Development and Distribution. As we can offer a widely ranged Network of Partners in both, Enterprises and Customers, you get a chance to Scale your Business. Throughout the time, the Start-up Power Team will support you with over 30 years of Experience in the Telecommunications Sector. Come and meet them beforehand at a Start-up Event!

Turn your Start-up Idea into a running Business
By becoming a Part of Vodafone's Innovation Ecosystem, your Start-up will receive a worthwhile Support. For example, if you have developed a Prototype, you will get a chance to test it at our Innovation Park Labs. With over 1000 Test Projects per Year, they are one of the leading Test Facilities for Telecommunication Innovations in the World. The Lab's Environment Capacity and Equipment Level are set up to match real-life Conditions. You will be able to identify the right Target Group for your Start-up Product, too. We'll help to create a profound Business Plan, regarding Consumer Insights and Market Researches. Possible Errors will be identified at an early stage, reducing the Lead Time of your Product. So, let's get in touch! We are looking forward to your Application. Just provide us with all the relevant Information. Of course, every Submission is treated strictly confidential.