Use the facilities

At the Vodafone Test & Innovation Center, we create customised solutions for each and every one of our clients - whatever the demands of your vendor and technology configuration.

When you work with us, we place all of our facilities at your disposal - the same facilities we use to maintain our position at the forefront of global mobile service innovation.

That means a multi-vendor test environment, as well as a fixed-mobile convergence infrastructure, test automation services and extensive facilities for full end-to-end testing.
It means the use of our unmatched real-world environment - we give you all the components of an ultramodern mobile network, from base stations and data warehouses, to billing systems and multimedia platforms. Our test environment capacity and equipment level is equivalent to being able to fulfill all your load and stress testing needs.

What's more, as part of our unique service, you can use our facilities here, in our 8.000 square metre laboratories, or we can ship everything you need to access our testing environment remotely, wherever you are in the world. This gives you get all the advantages of working with Vodafone Test & Innovation Center without having to leave home, which is even better news for your bottom line. All you really have to decide is - your place or ours?


We call it attention to detail

Come to us and our proactive staff will prepare a customised testing plan to match your specific product requirements.

Test Environment

The influence of environment

We place our test environment and facilities entirely at your disposal, wherever you are in the world.


Whatever you need. When you need it.

No matter what you want to develop, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done on time.