Mind the gapWhere does your child go online?

Protecting your child in their digital world might sometimes feel like a long and complicated journey. But it doesn’t have to. Use this map to navigate the parental controls and other safety tools available to you, wherever your child is. Jump on board at the start of any of the four lines and you’ll soon be on your way.

This infographic will help you to navigate the parental controls and safety tools that are available to you. In each section, we’ll give you examples of the tools you can use and (using the icons in the key below) we’ll explain when and where you should implement them.

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Key to lines
  • At home
  • At school
  • Out and about
  • At friends or relatives

At home

Take the red line to see how you can protect your child’s devices (laptop, mobile, tablet, games console and TV) when they are at home.

At friends or relatives

Planning to visit their mates or stay with granny? Hop on the purple line and also find out if friends and family have ISP controls in place.

At school

Setting off for school? Follow the green line and also check with your child’s school how they filter online content on their network.

Out and about

Not all public Wi-Fi (e.g. in cafés) has filters on so you’ll need to make a few stops along the blue line to protect your child’s mobile devices when they leave the house.


of 4 to 11-year-olds have to follow online and mobile rules

(Source: Vodafone/YouGov, October 2013)


of teachers have never been formally trained in internet safety.

(Source: AVG, July 2014)


of people who use Wi-Fi outside the home use a free Wi-Fi connection.

(Source: Ofcom Communications Market Report, August 2014)


of parents have never spoken to their child’s grandparents about online safety.

(Source: Vodafone/YouGov, October 2012)

Infographic created by Vodafone Group, July 2014